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Reviews and evaluations from FLAAR Reports on reliable 3d laser equipment, laser scanners, both handheld and portable scanner, digitizer, for creating 3d models, 3d modeling, with reviews of 3d modeling software, metrology, including for reverse engineering, prototyping: the whole world of virtual 3d

This website is dedicated to evaluating and reviewing: both entry-level, mid-range, and high end class of 3d scanners (including handheld scanners), 3d laser, laser scanners, digitizers, handheld scanner, with reviews of 3d software that can build a 3d model or be able to do 3d modeling or Cad Cam, and reverse engineering technology for industry. We also offer a focus of 3D scanning and 3D model creations for archaeology, 3d architecture visualization, 3d reconstruction including for ethno-botanical and ethnozoology research or cultural heritage preservation. Our focus is on education, how-to explanations, workflow tips, and most importantly, which 3D scanner to consider and which 3D software to buy.

The web site you are looking at now is dedicated to 3D scanning and 3D modeling software evaluations and recommendations. But FLAAR is now preparing an additional focus on evaluating 3D rapid prototypers (and 3D additive manufacturing machines and software). Indeed FLAAR is opening an office in Europe to dedicate to these 3D topics, but we will continue with our main office in Guatemala (21 employees and growing) and will continue with our registered office in St Louis, Missouri, where the family of Hellmuth architects has been for several generations. It is because of our Hellmuth family heritage in architecture that we are interested in 3D architectural models.

The goal of this 3d scanner and 3d software reviews website is to facilitate access to architects, archaeologists, university professors, students and anyone who is interested in cultural heritage preservation, digital archiving and learning about any 3d scanner and 3d software technologies.



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