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3d scanner reviews, adaptive manufacturing (rapid prototyping; printing in three-dimensions) reviews of expo and conferences RAPID 2012 Print E-mail

FLAAR Reports will issue an evaluation of the RAPID 2012 expo (with dozens of photographs of booths and products in full color). We will also include comparisons with 2011 and comments on expectation for the exhibitor list for RAPID 2013.

general view of RAPID showroom 2012

General view of RAPID showroom 2012

3D imaging software

Geomagic and Materialize were two of the softwares that we are interested in evaluating. We already have many reports on Geomagic, but these are about two to three years ago. We would like to have new licenses for our staff of three staff personnel who have been hired to work with 3D imaging product evaluation projects.

Registration area at RAPID 2012 3D expo

Registration area at RAPID 2012 expo

What will the exhibitor list be like for RAPID 2013?

This year Konica Minolta scanners seem to have disappeared. One person said “they are having problems and so unlikely they would exhibit.” I assume he meant that Konica Minolta scanners were not selling well. Frankly I saw enough exciting scanners of other brands at RAPID 2012 that I can understand that holding market share must be tough if you don’t offer two features: exciting new technology and lower price.

We have been interested in evaluating Konica Minolta scanners but have not received one for evaluation so we continue to evaluate scanner technologies at entry-level.

Nicholas Hellmuth during a face scanning demonstration

Nicholas Hellmuth during a face scanning demonstration

Additional FLAAR Reports on the 3D imaging expo, RAPID 2012

There is a separate report on whether Atlanta was a good location (FLAAR evaluates trade show venues, trade show organizations, and how the expo was organized (or, such as for CES and PMA@CES, how the organization was poorly and/or inadequately done; plus how the city was unprepared to receive that many people).

This report can be purchased by writing FrontDesk “at”

Additional separate FLAAR Reports on special aspects of RAPID 2012 expo

One some wide-format inkjet printer trade shows we may write two, threee, or even seven to ten separate reports, on different aspects of an expo.

For RAPID 2012 we will definitely have a separate PDF on the most photogenic 3D creations (built up by rapid prototypers).


Nicholas Hellmuth at Geomagic booth

First posted May 24, 2012


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