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FLAAR reports has been dedicated to evaluate and research digital imaging technologies for the past 12 years and we have been beta-testers for a 48-megapixels Betterlight (tri-liner scanning camera), the 80-megapixels Cruse Camera, several Phase One digital backs, plus Nikon and Canon DSLR digital cameras. We have several reports written on how this technologies works. Our most recent evaluation equipment is the 3d handheld portable laser scanner:  Z Scanner 800 that was loaned from Z Corporation for evaluation and reviewing, we have started to evaluate it, you can see our reports on this equipment on the free downloads area. 

 IB-ProCADD is a company that is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is one of the most experienced and successful companies in Eastern Europe in 3d imaging technologies, they are also better testers and distributors for 3d laser scanners, 3d Rapid Prototypers and 3d software. This leading center in 3d imaging, organizes the Forum of New Technologies in association with universities in Ljubljana, Zagreb, and cities elsewhere in former Yugoslavia and nearby countries. These conferences include lectures, seminars, consulting and exposition on 3d imaging technologies advances for Eastern Europe. If you wish to learn more please feel free to download our FLAAR Report.

So is logical that FLAAR Reports has teamed up with one of Europe most successful 3d imaging centers where both centers can grow in 3d digital imaging research.

Dr Hellmuth first visited IB-ProCADD installations in 2007 where he got to inspect how their 3d laser scanners, Rapid Prototypers and 3d software perform. Then FLAAR Staff personal and Dr. Hellmuth got to visit the facilities in November 2008 where Luis Sacayón FLAAR Reports technical writer had an introduction on how the 3d handheld laser scanner ZScanner 700 from Z Corportaion works. In March 2009 Dr.Hellmuth was invited to lecture in the Forum of New technologies for Eastern Europe.


Dr.Nicholas Hellmuth with IB-ProCADD staff holding up rapid prototype 3d objects at IB-ProCadd Installations in 2007.


Book_Scanner_374At the left Tina Kosir IB-ProCADD 3d research department and Luis Sacayon FLAAR Reports technical writer at IB-ProCADD installations learning about 3d laser scanning and Rapid Prototyping applications in Ljubljana, Slovenia November 2008.



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