Finally, full-sized 3D signage at last possible

Posted September 25, 2015

Since so many people around the world ask us how they can produce 3D signage, we had to caution print shops that most normal 3D printers can only produce an item a few centimeters in size.

So for past years, the best way to produce 3D signage was with other techniques (which we detail in our lectures and in our FLAAR Reports).

Now all this has changed. Now a company has developed a new chemistry (a new build-up material) and new 3D imaging concepts to allow creating objects 1.8 meters in height, 1.5 meters in width, and 1.2 METERS in depth.

Wow, sure is a breakthrough.

Innovation is what pushes progress, and this will cause ripples among all the other competitors, which will result in better 3D printers in all aspects (and all sizes).

Because the Hellmuth family background is architecture (HOK Architects (father and cousin) and Hellmuth & Bicknese (brother) are two examples), we have a long term interest in all aspects of architecture: especially 3D models. So in past years we have visited Objet Geometries world headquarters. This is a 3D printer that actually uses printheads.

By coincidence last week we were in the same restaurant as a team from Stratasys 3D printer company. So we are seeing 3D everywhere.

The new giant sized 3D technology is from Massivit, We hope to see this up close and in-person when possible. is the new giant size company