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FLAAR Mesoamerica is a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to research, educate and outreach on how digital imaging technologies can record our visual links to the past, present and future, especially related to pre-Colombian cultures of Mesoamerica, that is way it is in is interest 3-d portable handheld laser scanner and 3d modeling software programs and has started to evaluate 3d portable handheld laser scanners.

If you are an archeologist, architect, biologist, student, professor, researcher or a museologist interested in: archaeology, cultural heritage preservation or digital archiving, Z Corportaion has a family of 3d portable handheld laser scanners that can help you digitize 3-dimensional objects. One of its most attractive products is the: ZScanner 700 CX that is a color 3d handheld portable laser scanner, which can be taken to wherever the part is needed to digitize.

In May 2009 two technical writers of FLAAR Reports staff visited the Z Corporation booth at RAPID 2009 conference and exposition show, where they learned and tested at first hand how the 3d portable handheld laser scanner ZScanner 700 CX works. This high-resolution color laser scanner scans with an accuracy of 40 (microns) which can be notice in the digitize color 3d model.

FLAAR Reports is interested in testing and learning more on this 3d portable handheld laser scanner so it is in its plans to do a site visit evaluation on Z Corporation headquarters to get training and learn more on how this 3-d scanner works. Please bookmark our website so you can get back to us and see future updates on this site.



Juan Luis Sacayón technical writer for FLAAR Reports learning about 3d portable handheld laser scanner, ZScanner 700 CX at Z Corporation booth at RAPID 2009 conference and exposition show.



3-d portable handheld laser scanner: ZScanner 700 CX at Z Corporation booth at RAPID 2009 conference and exposition show.



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