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Geomagic has three software products so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Geomagic Studio is designed for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping. It lets you use scan data from real objects to create digital models. And you can use the 3D industry standard formats.

Geomagic Qualify is designed for inspection.  With it you can make graphical comparisons, evaluations and automatically generate reports in several formats.

Geomagic Piano is specifically designed for digital dentistry.  You can convert scan data into 3D models for dental restoration.

In December 2009 two persons of the FLAAR staff, together with FLAAR director, attended a special three-day 3D scanner training course at Zcorp. They came back to Guatemala with a ZScanner 800 and a HP laptop with one licensed copy of Geomagic installed; both lent from Zcorp for 90 days. Since then, our team in Guatemala has scanned several native fruits and vegetables for our Mayan ethnobotany projects and visited the Museo Cotzumalhuapa for a scanning session of the sculptures.


We have been using Geomagic Studio to digitalize the scans of our ethnobotany and archaeology research projects. The final result is a combination of the scanning process and the scan data processing.  So, it is important to make a good scan to have a good 3D digital object.


Geomagic is a user-friendly software, and the difficulty level or the amount of time to create the digital object from the scans depends on the complexity of the object.


Because FLAAR is an independent research institute, and because our readers come from so many different fields, it is essential that we list a range of options for 3D software. Thus below is an initial list of various kinds of software to handle 3-dimensional images. We know there are hundreds of such software products, but we have listed the ones that are worthy of a future evaluation for our readers. But, since Geomagic is the software that came with the ZScanner 800, and since Geomagic is the software utilized also by our partner in Europe (IB-ProCADD), we have started with Geomagic.


This table shows the different 3d software options and the applications for which it can be used.  Click the image to enlarge.



This is how the raw scan data opens in Geomagic.



It’s easier if you clean up the surrounding of the object before matching them up.



Then you match up the pieces.  In this case it was made out of three scans.



Then you remove the excess.  We used tacks as reference points to match up the pieces.  This was very helpful since the surface didn't have anything to use  as reference.  And it was easy to remove them later and fill out the holes.



This is the final object.  This is an easy object both for the user and the software since, the surface is very smooth and it's a very simple shape.  Geomagic gives you the tools to go from scan data to digital objects.




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