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PolyWorks V11 Software: 3d modeling, cad cam, reverse engineering software PDF Print E-mail

InnovMetric is a worldwide company that develops reverse engineering, inspection, modeler and CAD transition software. The first release of Polyworks software was made in 1996 and it has come to be one of the leading high-end point cloud processing software in the industrial manufacturing world.

At RAPID 2009 Todd Anderson an applications specialist explained how this 3d software works. Since FLAAR is a research institute in digital imaging technologies it is in its interest to learn how 3d software can aid with the preservation on cultural heritage.



PolyWorks V11 3d software at InnovMetric booth at RAPID 2009 conference and exposition show. Todd Anderson PolyWorks V11 3d software applications specialist explains to Eduardo Sacayon and Juan Luis Sacayon, FLAAR Reports technical writers, how the 3d software works.



Cacao pod 3d model data Screen shoot Polyworks 3d software. 


For detailed information you can Free Download FLAAR Report on 3 Dimensional Scanning for Mayan Ethno-botanical reseach



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