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3d scanning has a wide range of applications; the most common are for 3d inspection, reverse engineering and 3d scans for medical applications, as FLAAR Mesoamerica is a research institute dedicated to evaluating digital imaging capture and printing it is in its interest, the new technologies on 3d scanning and 3d printing. And it is evaluating how 3d scanners can by utilize for architectural reconstruction, conservation in archaeological cultural heritage preservation and ethno-botany and ethno-zoology research.  In the next pages, you will find a wide range of products of 3d laser scanners, portable 3d scanners, handheld portable 3d laser scanners, long-range 3-dimensional scanners and digitizers.

In the near future we will be doing more in-depth evaluations and reviews on how this 3d scanners perform in 3-d modeling, architectural reconstruction, archaeological cultural heritage preservation and ethno-botany and ethno-zoology research.

Please feel free to check our introduction evaluation on these laser scanners:

 Handheld portable 3d scanners: 
Laser 3d Scanners:





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