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3D Printers, more at Sign Istanbul than all other sign printer expos

Updated Sept. 26, 2016 from post on Sept. 19, 2016

3D Printers at Sign Istanbul 2016 first days of October

It is a notable observation that Sign Istanbul last year had more 3D printers on exhibit than every other signage printer expo in the world that we attended in 2016. In 2015, two other printer-signage expos had a modest range of 3D printers on exhibit. The same expos in 2016 had only ONE such 3D printer being featured.

At SGIA 2016, a row of entry-level Roland 3D printers were lonesome and abandoned: simply stuck in a row as part of the outside wall of the booth!. No one was using them, no one was doing a demo (and no one was focused on 3D anything).

At Photokina 2016 (last week in Cologne), I found only one modest 3D scanner and zero 3D printers. Surely there were perhaps another 3D scanner somewhere (expo was huge, aisles were crowded, and it is easy not to be able to see a product if it is deep inside a booth surrounded by people). But four or six years ago Photokina had lots of 3D technology: today in 2016 embarrassingly absent.

Why has 3D signage and 3D scanning and 3D anything been dropped by expo after expo? Only DRUPA 2016 mentioned 3D printers in their press releases.

Fortunately Sign Istanbul 2016 may break the record for 3D printers at a signage printer expo, and especially for the range of materials which these printers use.

Sign Istanbul is capably organized by iFO and Tarsus. Visit their web site

We hope to see you 29 September through 02 October, 2016, in Tuyap trade show center, Istanbul.



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