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Sign Istanbul adds 3D PRINTWORLD PDF Print E-mail

Sign Istanbul is organized by the capable team of iFO, together with Tarsus Group. FLAAR Reports teams have attended for many years since Sign Istanbul is the largest and longest known signage expo in this part of the world. It is larger than VISCOM Paris, probably larger than VISCOM Germany, and larger than the remains of what I remember of VISCOM Milano (which used to be three halls but is barely one hall the last time I attended; but I have not attended any VISCOM since then, as all became too small).

Every year we find new signage products at Sign Istanbul, plus this year there were more printer brands and models than I expected. Every single inkjet printer will be listed in TRENDs level FLAAR Reports.

But this year (2015) there were many more 3D printers and even lots of 3D scanners. Plus booths which had the materials which are extruded to create the images.


3D Printshow Sign Istanbul general view conference shcedule 0109
During the trade show, several conferences were organized at different times to promote the 3D industry


3D Printshow Sign Istanbul 2015 general view 0201
3D Printshow hall map



For the coming year (29 September through 2 October, 2016), we look forward to returning to Sign Istanbul + 3D PRINTWORLD. Would be nice to see three more technologies:

  • 3D printers from Stratasys and Object Geometries
  • 3D printers that use printed layered paper, then cut, by the Irish company Mcor
  • 3D printers from Massivit3D


Hepsi3D 3D sample 0222MakerBot 3D sample 0240
3D application sample


MasDeha 3DSystems 3D sample 01771
3D application sample


Sign Istanbul 2015 general view billboard 2016 0105
For the coming year (29 September through 2 October, 2016), we look forward to returning to Sign Istanbul + 3D PRINTWORLD.


Ultimaker 3D printing 0270
3D printing process.


Posted September 2015, after attending Sign Istanbul 2015, to alert people that Sign Istanbul 2016 will be a good choice to attend.



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