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Breuckmann precision in 3d is a German company that develops high-end 3d digitizing systems for inspection, arts and cultural heritage, medical applications, body scans, reverse engineering and for rapid prototyping applications. Their technology is based on their patent Topometric 3D Metrology and their Miniature Projection Technique (MPT) for their 3D sensors.

Breuckmann precision in 3D is recognized in the highend industrial field. For example, body scans companies (digitization of the human body) use their scanner for 3d modeling in movies. One of their models, triTOS, also has been used to scan sculptures and artifacts for Cultural Heritage applications.

Their current major products lines are:

  • StereoSCAN 3D
  • naviSCAN 3D
  • SmartSCAN 3D
  • optoTOP-HE
  • optoSCAN
  • uikroTOP
  • dermaTOP
  • faceSCAN
  • EverestSCAN
  • bodySCAN
  • triTOS
At RAPID 2009 Conference Exposition trade show two members of the staff of FLAAR Reports had the opportunity to visit the Acurrex Measurement booth, where they where exhibiting the SmartSCAN 3D.



Acurrex booth at RAPID 2009 Conference Exposition trade show in 2009.


3d laser scanner SmartSCAN 3D from breuckmann precision in 3D, at Acurrex booth at RAPID 2009 Conference Exposition trade show in 2009.

FLAAR Reports has started to review and evaluate 3d laser scanners; in December 2009 two Technical Writers for FLAAR Reports and Dr. Hellmuth received three days training with the Z Scanner 800 at Z Corporation Headquarters outside Boston Massachusetts. A scanner was then provided for 90 days for FLAAR team to later evaluate and review in Guatemala. FLAAR, a research institute dedicated to the cultural heritage of Latin America, is using the 3d handheld portable laser scanner with Mayan archaeology artifacts and in the ethnobotany and ethnozoology fields (scanning sacred plants and animals).


Eduardo Sacayón, Cindy Contreras and Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth from FLAAR Reports getting training for the Z Scanner 800. At the left you can see Joe Bortolotti (Applications Engineer for Z Corporation) at Z Corporation headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts in December 2009

Cindy Contreras and Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth from FLAAR Reports training with the Z Scanner 800 from Z Corporation. Notice in both sessions they are scanning the sacred pataxte fruit pod (Theobroma bicolor). Pataxte is the species of cacao that is mentioned most frequently in the sacred Mayan book, the Popol Vuh. The Popol Vuh gives the origin myths and cosmology of the Mayas of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras; this myth dates back several thousand years. The copy that is published is from Quiche region of Guatemala, circa 16th century, but earlier segments of the Hero Twins can be seen from 100 BC onward (Izapa, Chiapas, and then in murals in Peten, Guatemala).

Please visit our free FLAAR Reports section to download our evaluation on the Z Scanner 800 from Z Corporation.

As FLAAR has been doing research and evaluations on Digital Imaging capturing for cultural heritage preservation in Mayan Archaeology we would consider evaluating the smartSCAN3D from breuckmann to learn about its capabilities. We are curious to understand the difference in quality between the smartSCAN3D and the triTOS. In digital photography we use 48 megapixel tri-linear cameras, so appreciate high quality. The minimum digital camera we use is a Phase One P25+ with Zeiss lens on a Hasselblad body. FLAAR also has an 80 megapixel $97,000 Cruse scanner. So when we do 3d scans, we wish comparable quality.



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