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3d software has a wide range of applications; the most common use is for 3d modeling, CGI, 3-dimensional animation, virtual reality, QTVR, reverse engineering and medical applications, FLAAR Mesoamerica is interested in researching and evaluating how 3d software can help in the preservation on cultural heritage in architecture, archaeology, ethno-botany and ethno-zoology.  In the next pages you will find a wide range of 3d software's that can aid you in 3-dimensional modeling, restoration or the creation of virtual reality for cultural heritage preservation.

FLAAR reports staff had the opportunity to visit RAPID 2009, Tradeshow and exposition conference show where they started to learn how some of this 3d software could perform, they visited the Polyworks V11 software booth from InnovMetric, and the Rapidform booth.

Please click on the links to learn more about each of this 3D software and is applications:




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