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3D Printers at APPPEXPO this July in Shanghai:

Virtually every signage printer trade magazine in the world has done articles on "3D printers" in the last several months. Even Drupa said that 3D printers would be its feature for 2016.

But do these PR people have any idea that most "3D printers" are not printers at all. Most lay down melted plastics. Only a few use printheads.

Even the FESPA official expo daily newspaper had a feature article on 3D printers. Yet 3D printers at FESPA last week, sorry, almost none on exhibit at all. The few "3D printers" turned out to be sublimation systems to sublimate onto 3D objects which already existed.

If you want to see many different brands of 3D rapid prototypers then come to APPPEXPO 2014 this July in Shanghai. This is the largest printer, signage, advertising expo in the world (for wide-format inkjet printers, inks, media, laminators, coaters, cutters it is larger than Drupa+FESPA+USA expos all put together.

FLAAR attends APPPEXPO every year, indeed we fly five of our team here. We will be there to see whats new and interesting in 3-dimensional signage (of all technologies).

Last Updated on Thursday, 29 May 2014

3d printing the new industrial revolution:

One technical writer from FLAAR Reports visited RAPID 2013 Conference and Exposition held at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. FLAAR Reports visited the show to learn more on 3d laser scanners imaging technologies and 3dprinting (additive manufacturing). We got the surprise that everybody is talking about:


Please download our free reports to learn more.

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 October 2013

FLAAR Reports team at 3D expo, RAPID 2012


Two of us attended RAPID Conference and Exposition 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia to evaluate all the innovations in the field of 3D imaging combined with additive manufacturing technologies.

We will be updating our website and reports on the newest information about 3D scanners, additive manufacturing technologies, 3D imaging software reviews and more.

All reports on RAPID 2012 are free downloads.

Last updated November 07, 2012. First posted May 22, 2012, updated May 24, Jun 08.

Reports on RAPID 2012, 3D scanners, software and prototyping

Creaform MetraScan cmm 3d handheld portable laser scanner

3d laser scanner handheld portable capturing cmm device Creaform MetraScan II

The MetraScan is an Inspection and Reverse engineering oriented tool and for its characteristics can also be used for cultural heritage preservation. This 3d scanner is combined with a HandyPROBE which allows to capture large size objects and the VXelements 3d data acquisition software for 3d rendering the files. Read more..


New handheld portable long range 3d laser scanner

3d body scan 3d handheld portable laser scanner digitizer mantis visions F5

One company that always captures our attention at the RAPID Conference and Exposition is the Direct Dimensions booth where they present new technologies on 3d laser scanners for long range and small range capturing technologies. Read more..


FLAAR Reports was present at RAPID 2011

Craform MetraScan

FLAAR Reports was present at RAPID 2011 Conferece and Exposition in Minneapolis Minnesota. We will be updating our website with new pages with the newest 3d scanners and 3d softwares and additeve manufacturing technologies presented at the show. There will also be 3 new reports , one on 3d scanners, one on 3d softwares and one on 3d additive manufacturing.


FLAAR 3D Scanner and 3d Software Evaluations


FLAAR evaluates 3d scanners in three ranges: good entry level (ZCorp), mid-range, and high-end. The Steinbichler would be a good choice for a high-end portable 3D scanner. Over the coming months we will decide which other scanner FLAAR will evaluate. For our first evaluation (November 2009 through May 2010) we issued about 41 different reports.  Read more...


FLAAR is evaluating Photogrammetry techniques for Ethnobotanical studies

FLAAR evaluating 3D software that captures geometric properties and texture and needs no expensive scanning equipment

At FLAAR we are using Photogrammetry techniques to analyze the different aspects of Guatemalan fruits.

We are testing a remarkable software that captures the geometric properties and texture of a real object and creates a 3D model by using digital cameras, a technique that we are surprised exists and it’s accessible for everyone.

The significant difference with this revolutionary new software is that it requires NO expensive scanning equipment (you use the basic digital camera, or even your Iphone, which you already have). PLUS, this new system allows scans in full color (if you use costly CO2 or laser scanning equipment you get only a model with zero actual true color).

Wait for our free downloadable FLAAR Report on creating 3D models using digital cameras to learn more about this technology and the results we obtained by using it.

First posted November 07, 2012.


3d modeling hardware presented at RAPID 2011

Haptics technology phantom 3d design software hardware device
One innovating company that caught our attention also at RAPID 2011 was senseble 3d. This company manufactures 3d design software and 3d hardware (Phantom Haptic force-feedback device). Read more..

FLAAR at Rapid Prototypers 2010

Nicholas Shape Shot face 3D Scanner rapid 2010

Three members from FLAAR Reports team attended RAPID 3D conference and expo in Anaheim.
There will be two separate FLAAR Reports: one on portable 3D scanners and scanner software (and 3D modeling software in general), and a separate FLAAR Report on additive manufacturing and rapid prototypers, especially 3D printers such as ZCorp and Objet Geometries.

Anaheim trade show 2010


FLAAR has been evaluating flatbed scanners and reprographic scanners for over ten years. BetterLight provided three of their tri-linear scanners (average BetterLight system is about $14,000; the camera is about the same cost and was provided by Cambo. Based on the success of these FLAAR evaluations, then Cruse has provided initially one model of their reprographic scanner (average Cruse scanner is about $110,000). They liked the results of the evaluations and then provided a second scanner with even more features. Read more..


Glasstec expo in Duesseldorf


During Glasstec expo in Duesseldorf, Germany, the nice folks at Stiefelmayer-Contento 3D scanned FLAAR assistant editor Sofia Monzon, and then created a 3D image inside a crystal cube.
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